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Yvonne Matsell - The Queen of Queen Street

February 27, 2024 Yvonne Matsell Season 2 Episode 42
Music Buddy
Yvonne Matsell - The Queen of Queen Street
Show Notes

Yvonne Matsell is a celebrated music booker and long-time friend of the Canadian indie music scene. As the live music talent buyer for clubs like Ultrasound, Ted's Wrecking Yard, The Horseshoe Tavern and The Reverb Room, Yvonne gave countless indie bands their first decent gigs, and watched as many of them went on to become success stories and musical household names. Just a few of the bands and artists that flourished as a result of Yvonne's magic touch include: Skydiggers, Lowest of the Low, Rheostatics, Barenaked Ladies, Headstones, Matt Mays, Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Slean, Hawksley Workman, Feist, and Broken Social Scene.

In a business that can often be tough, gritty and uber-competitive, Yvonne remains "one of the good ones". A deep love of music, good humour, generosity, and a willingness to work tirelessly on behalf of artists, has made her one of the most admired and respected people in the Canadian music landscape.

Music samples in this episode:
"Hey Darlene" - The Stephen Stanley Band (Before the Collapse of the Hive, 2023)
"Muscle Cars and Sissy Bars" - Skydiggers (Hide Your Light, 2023)
"Legal Age Life at Variety Store" - Rheostatics (Whale Music, 1992)
"New Westminster Taxi Squad" - The Stephen Stanley Band (That Thin, Wild Mercury, 2003)
"Journey" - The Cash Brothers (Phonebooth Tornado, 2000)
"The Owl" - The Stephen Stanley Band (Before the Collapse of the Hive, 2023)
"Lover You Should've Come Over" - Jeff Buckley (Live at Sin-é Legacy Edition, 1993)
"All of Our Dreaming" - Skydiggers (Bittersweet Harmony, 2003)
"P.I.N." - Rheostatics (The Night of the Shooting Stars, 2001)
"Come to My Senses" - Skydiggers (Hide Your Light, 2023)

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