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Ron Sexsmith at Sixty: Another Spin Around the Song

February 07, 2024 Ron Sexsmith Season 2 Episode 41
Music Buddy
Ron Sexsmith at Sixty: Another Spin Around the Song
Show Notes

Internationally-acclaimed and award-winning singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith first sang and strummed his way into the hearts of music lovers in the early-mid 1990s. At that time, the distorted fuzz and raw angst of grunge bands dominated the airwaves, and most "folk" singers watched from the sidelines, clutching their acoustic guitars and cursing their lack of effects pedals - but not Ron. Amidst the dense and glorious swirl of guitar rock, Sexsmith offered up his self-titled debut album of simple, heartfelt songs. The melodically refined and gracefully sculpted nature of his music gradually won him fans around the world, including rock n roll dignitaries such as Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and Paul McCartney. 30-ish years and 17 albums later, Ron Sexsmith has become one of the most revered songwriters in the world, while continuing to create music that is essential, fresh, and timeless. 

In this conversation, Ron guides host Jane Gowan and co-host Tim Vesely through the storied travels and charmed encounters of his illustrious career to date.

Sexsmith turned 60 this January. To celebrate this milestone, he and his band are performing a special one-night-only concert on Feb 29 at Toronto’s Massey Hall. The show is a career retrospective, highlighting songs from every release to date. Tickets are still available (see link below).  

Sexsmith at Sixty
Feb 29 @ Massey Hall
Get tickets here

More about Ron
Rawnboy youtube channel

"Seem to Recall", by Ron Sexsmith
Performed by Ron Sexsmith, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan
Recorded and Mixed by Tim Vesely

Music samples (all by Ron Sexsmith)  in this episode:
"What I Had in Mind"  (The Vivian Line, 2023)
"Diamond Wave" (The Vivian Line, 2023)
"This, That and the Other Thing" (The Vivian Line, 2023)
"Secret Heart" (Ron Sexsmith, 1995)
"Thinking Out Loud" (Other Songs, 1997)
"This Song" (Blue Boy, 2001)
"Former Glory" (Cobblestone Runway, 2002)
"Hard Bargain" (Retriever, 2004)
"One Less Shadow" - Sexsmith & Kerr (Destination Unknown, 2005)
"All in Good Time" (Time Being, 2006)
"Brandy Alexander" (Exit Strategy of the Soul, 2008)
"Believe It When I See It" (Long Player Late Bloomer, 2010)
"The Morning Light" (Forever Endeavor, 2013)
"Foolproof" (Blue Boy, 2001)
"Getaway Car" (Carousel One, 2015)
"Evergreen" (The Last Rider, 2017)
"Lo and Behold" (Hermitage,

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Jane Gowan (host, producer, editor)
Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

The show's theme song, "Human Stuff," is written by Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely, and performed by Jane and Tim, with additional vocals by Steve Wright and Connie Kostiuk

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