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Andrew Rucklidge - The Fine Art of Bobbe Ruck

November 29, 2023 Andrew Rucklidge Season 2 Episode 38
Music Buddy
Andrew Rucklidge - The Fine Art of Bobbe Ruck
Show Notes

Andrew Rucklidge is an award-winning Canadian visual artist, whose paintings have shown all over the world, and can be found in collections from Toronto, to London, to Dharemshala, India. Andrew is also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, who has played in several bands, including Farmer in the City (Martin Tielli), John Southworth, The New Romantic Portal, The Linoleum Falcon, Cactus Club, and—currently—Dopamine Dream.  He also records as a solo artist under the name Bobbe Ruck.

This conversation delves into the nuanced and wondrous overlap between the worlds of music and art: creating layered and textured sounds with a "painterly" approach, or conjuring fantastical abstracts inspired by albums played on repeat. You'll also learn the definition of "Gnome Rock", why an "eggy bridge" breaks the rules, and how making your own paint from scratch is like working with a Moog synthesizer. 

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"Too Little To Lose", by Andrew Rucklidge
Performed by Andrew Rucklidge, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan
Recorded by Tim Vesely and Jane Gowan; Mixed by Tim Vesely

Music samples in this episode:
"All County Holdings" - Bobbe Ruck (All County Holdings, 2020)
"Unknown" - Dopamine Dream (Unknown, 2023)
"Banner G" -  Bobbe Ruck (All County Holdings, 2020)
"Astro Jet" -  Bobbe Ruck (All County Holdings, 2020)
"Someone's Looking At You" - The Boomtown Rats (The Fine Art of Surfacing, 1979)
"Message to a Friend" -  Bobbe Ruck (All County Holdings, 2020)

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