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Annelise Noronha - Engineering a Life in Music

November 08, 2023 Annelise Noronha Season 2 Episode 37
Music Buddy
Annelise Noronha - Engineering a Life in Music
Show Notes

Annelise Noronha is an award-winning audio engineer, producer, composer, musician, singer/songwriter, and actor.

In the early days of her career, Annelise found herself honing her production skills at Manta Sound—her first big studio job—where she worked on studio recordings for the likes of Oscar Peterson, James Brown, and Jennifer Lopez.

Since that time she has gone on to work with music professionals at the top of their game, such as Producer John Whynot (Blue Rodeo, Bruce Cockburn, Kathleen Edwards), and Oscar-winning composer.

Annelise currently lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where she works from her home studio.

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"Little Bird", by Annelise Noronha
Performed by Annelise Noronha, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan
Recorded at the Woodshed Studio by Tim Vesely; Mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely

Music samples in this episode:
"Lake Ontario" - Annelise Noronha (In the Headlights, 2020)
"Slip Away (feat. The Life Au Lait Project and County Artists)" - Annelise Noronha (single, 2019)
"Saviour" - Annelise Noronha (My Dog is You, 2001)
"Not The Girl" - Annelise Noronha (In the Headlights, 2020)
"Lemonade Dave Theme Song" - Annelise Noronha (jingle)
"Constellations (feat. Lisa Bozikovic) - Annelise Noronha (single, 2020)

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Jane Gowan (host, producer, editor)
Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

The show's theme song, "Human Stuff," is written by Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely, and performed by Jane and Tim, with additional vocals by Steve Wright and Connie Kostiuk

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