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Lori Yates - It's Good To Be Alive

October 18, 2023 Lori Yates Season 2 Episode 36
Music Buddy
Lori Yates - It's Good To Be Alive
Show Notes

Lori Yates is an award-winning musician, singer-songwriter, photographer and writer. Her bands—The Last Resorts (late 70s), Rang Tango (80s), and Hey Stella (current)— each attracted a dedicated fan base, and Lori's raw talent and endless dedication have resulted in her working with some of the Industry's best. 

From Queen Street's cow punks to Nashville's country music bigwigs, Lori has shared stages and studios with a vibrant, sometimes dizzying array of music-makers and hand-shakers. Along the way, there have been awards, victories, and adoring fans, but also frustrations and challenges. Despite the ups and downs, Lori has continued to forge her own path with steadfast determination, unique creative insight, and a deep love of music and performing.

Lori's 6th solo album—Matador—is due out in Fall, 2023. It was recorded at Blue Rodeo's Woodshed Studios, and co-produced by Tim Vesely. The first single—"Alive"—will be available on October 29.

More about Lori at

"Alive", by Lori Yates
Performed by Lori Yates, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan
Recorded at the Woodshed Studio by Tim Vesely; Mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely

Music samples in this episode:
"What Keeps You Loving Me" - Lori Yates (Book of Minerva, 2007)
"Any Way You Want It" - The Last Resorts (Cassette release, 1981)
"Sweetheart Ave" - Rang Tango (Live at the Diamond Club, Squash Hunger Benefit, Oct 15, 1987)
"Trouble in the Country" - Lori Yates (Sweetheart of the Valley, 2015)
"Time After Time" - Lori Yates (Matador, Fall 2023)
"Rebel Angel" - Lori Yates (Breaking Point, 1994)
"The Future is Here" - Lori Yates (Untogether, 1997)
"Angels with Bloody Knees" - Lori Yates  (Sweetheart of the Valley, 2015)

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Jane Gowan (host, producer, editor)
Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

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