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Dave Bidini - Writer, Rocker, Rheostatic

September 05, 2023 Dave Bidini Season 2 Episode 34
Music Buddy
Dave Bidini - Writer, Rocker, Rheostatic
Show Notes

Dave Bidini is a musician, songwriter, author, journalist, publisher, and sports enthusiast. Most people know Dave as the beloved front man of Canada's art rock darlings, Rheostatics. His super-fuelled stage presence is a wondrous thing to behold, and his ability to deliver a song with focused fervour—in addition to the superb musicianship of the band—has captivated fans since the late 80s. But, take a closer look at Bidini's overall creative output, and you'll find that the music of Rheostatics provides a rich sonic backdrop to a life jam-packed with all manner of artistic, intellectual, and community-based pursuits. 

In this conversation, Dave and Jane are joined by Music Buddy co-producer (and Dave's oldest friend and Rheos' bandmate), Tim Vesely. Plus, Dave fields some "phone-in" questions from friends (and previous Music Buddy guests) Stephen Stanley, Mike Downie, Lisa Sabino and Ryan Myshrall

THE MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "The Aftermath", by Dave Bidini
Performed by Dave Bidini, Tim Vesely, Jane Gowan, and Martin Tielli
Recorded at the Woodshed Studio by Tim Vesely; Mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely

Music in this episode:

"Legal Age Life at Variety Store" - Rheostatics (Whale Music, 1992)
"Queer" - Rheostatics (Whale Music, 1992)
"Dope Fiends and Boozehounds" - Rheostatics (Whale Music, 1992)
"Vancouver" - Rheostatics (Here Come the Wolves, 2019)
"P.I.N." - Rheostatics (Night of the Shooting Stars, 2001)
"The Ballad of Wendel Clark, Pt. 1 & 2" (Greatest Hits, 1987)

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