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Rich Aucoin - Seasons in the Synth

May 31, 2023 Rich Aucoin Season 2 Episode 29
Music Buddy
Rich Aucoin - Seasons in the Synth
Show Notes

Rich Aucoin is a Halifax-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and actor. His live shows are legendary as being multi-media dance and sing-along extravaganzas, and he's well-loved for his ability to connect with his audience in ways that create a feeling of community and also mutual trust and respect.

Rich's most recent project is an ambitious undertaking of massive scope: a quadruple album entitled Synthetic: A Synth Odyssey. It is being released over 2 years. Synthetic Season 1 (2022) was recently awarded "Electronic Recording of the Year" at the East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs). The album employs 37 synths (all played by Rich), many of them legendary vintage instruments made famous by people such as Brian de Palma and Stevie Wonder.   

Rich is currently on tour for the release of Synthetic, Season 2.
For more information on Rich and his amazing adventures, go to

"Pure" - Synthetic Season 2 (2023)
"Algorithm" - Synthetic Season 1 (2022)
"How it Breaks" - United States (2020)
"Future" - Synthetic Season 1 (2022)
"Return" - Synthetic Season 1 (2022)
"Want to Believe" - Ephemeral (2014)
"The Dream" - Release (2019)
"Tonto" - Synthetic Season 1 (2022)
"It" - We’re All Dying to Live (2007)
"Space" - Synthetic, Season 2 (2023)
"Space Western" - Synthetic Season 1 (2022)
"Liminal" - Synthetic, Season 2 (2023)

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