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John Borra - Keeping the Songs Alive

May 17, 2023 John Borra Season 2 Episode 28
Music Buddy
John Borra - Keeping the Songs Alive
Show Notes

From punk to rock to roots; from the gritty and exhilarating Queen Street scene of the 1980s, to the intrigue of European street culture; from Toronto Subway stations, to a US tour opening for the Tragically Hip...musician/songwriter/producer John Borra has lived the poetic and storied existence of a true artist - a journey rich with good music, loyal friends, and unforgettable experiences.

John's latest album—Cassettes in Common—is 10 songs written by fellow singer-songwriters: cherished musical allies such as Ron Sexsmith, Art Bergmann, Frank Nevada, and Bob Snider. Some of the songs are from albums that John heard for the first time on cassette. He would play them on repeat, believing firmly that they were some of the best songs ever written. Others are songs that were never recorded or released, penned by friends who may not have received the recognition they deserved. Now many years later, John is carrying on the folk tradition by keeping these extraordinary songs alive.

In this conversation, you will—through John's storytelling—meet many unique characters and creative souls, all of whom have contributed to the vibrancy of the Canadian music culture and sound.

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THE MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Did What I Could", by John Borra
Performed by John Borra, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan. Recorded at the Woodshed Studio by Tim Vesely. Mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely.

“The Wars” - John Borra, with words by Eva H.D.  (Blue Wine, 2020)
"The Wind Loves The Rain" - Rattlesnake Choir (Live Music, 2008)
"The Last Sexy City on Earth" - John Borra (John Borra, 1997)
"Society Rag" - A Neon Rome (A New Heroin, 1987)
"There You Go" - Change of Heart (Smile, 1992)

From Cassettes in Common  (John Borra, 2022):
"October Night"  (Frank Nevada)
"Honestly Ed" (Keith Whittaker/Steven Davey)
"Wedding Bell" (Pat Madden)
"Marie" (Sam Larkin)
"Old Nova Scotian" (Bob Snider)
"Crying Heartache Misery" (Ronny Azzopardi/Jim Masyk)
"Sleep" (Art Bergmann)
"Old Grey House" (Kyp Harness)
"Sunk In Glue" (Sandy Fateau)
"Trains" (Ron Sexsmith)

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