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Don Kerr - Love Speech

May 03, 2023 Don Kerr Season 2 Episode 27
Music Buddy
Don Kerr - Love Speech
Show Notes

Don Kerr is a drummer, singer, songwriter, cellist, composer, and producer. He's also a pacifist/activist, who believes strongly in the power of positivity and the value of community. A much-sought-after sideman and bandmate since the 1990s, he has performed with Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith, Bahamas, Dan Mangan, The Weather Station, and many others.

Don's own band—Communism—is a super-charged power trio, renowned for their "dance-your-face-off" live shows, for which Don performs using a DIY stand-up drum kit, fashioned to create a more dynamic presentation.  The result (in combination with video, lights, and lasers) is a visually arresting, sonically exhilarating, and uplifting experience..

Despite our differences as humans, Don Kerr believes that we're all good at heart, and capable of love, change, and...dancing up a storm.  Don looks for the up sides, and talks about how the pandemic allowed his band—at home with no tours planned—the time to create a sonically rich, layered, and exploratory album. The result is Love Speech : 10 tracks dedicated to "...dancing with love in your heart." Don also shares his thoughts on being a "pacifist at war", balancing family and work, composing the soundtrack for The Colour of Ink documentary, and what "communism" means to him.

Later in the episode, musician, engineer and Music Buddy Sessions producer Tim Vesely joins the conversation. Don and Tim compare notes about drums and bass, and the early days playing with Ron Sexsmith and Rheostatics.

More about Don and Communism
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All song samples are from the album Love Speech, by Communism (2023)

THE MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "One of Everyone", by Don Kerr
Performed by Don Kerr, Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely
Mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely

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