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Seth Akira Feldman - To The Fields

April 19, 2023 Seth Akira Feldman Season 2 Episode 26
Music Buddy
Seth Akira Feldman - To The Fields
Show Notes

Seth Akira Feldman is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter, who works tirelessly on many aspects of his craft. His primary musical project is called To The Fields. He released the album Distance in 2021, which he recorded entirely on his own in his home studio, working around his day job work hours. Seth also creates and records with his father, Steve Alan Feldman. Together, the father-son team have released 2 full studio albums, working alongside long-time collaborator Vezi Tayyeb at Kensington Sound in Toronto.

In this episode, Seth and Jane sit down for a good ol' kitchen table chat at Music Buddy "HQ", i.e. Jane's house. They talk about melody, sound, lyrics, bands, options for creating a career in music, and how it felt to listen to Chris Cornell sing "Black Hole Sun" live, in a thunderstorm. They also receive a surprise telephone call-in from a fan!

MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Morning Sky", by Seth Feldman
Performed by Seth Feldman, Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Vesely

"No Substitute" - To The Fields (Distance, 2021)
"In the Morning" - To The Fields (Distance, 2021)
"Yahoos and Triangles" - The Refreshments (King of the Hill  theme song)
"Dominoes" - Philip Glass (Fog of War, 2003)
"It's Timeless" - Steven Alan Feldman (It's Timeless, 2017)
"Open Road" - Steven Alan Feldman (to be released)
"6,000 Miles" - To The Fields (Distance, 2021)
"Selfish Love" - To The Fields (Distance, 2021)
"Pinball Wizard" - The Who (Tommy, 1969)
"Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden (Live from the Artists Den, 2013)

To The Fields Music
Kensington Sound 

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Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

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