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Jerry Leger - The Rock and Roll Poet

April 05, 2023 JERRY LEGER Season 2 Episode 25
Music Buddy
Jerry Leger - The Rock and Roll Poet
Show Notes

Singer Songwriter Jerry Leger is the real deal. His combination of authentic humility and spirited self confidence is a rare thing to witness. He possesses a deep understanding and respect for the great songwriters and performers of our time, while forging ahead with his own style and delivery.

Since his teenage years, Jerry has worked relentlessly on his craft - releasing at least one album a year, always with another gig or a new project on the horizon. On any given night, you can find him performing with his band The Situation, his rock and roll outfit The Del Fi's, or holding the crowd on his own - just him and a guitar. 

In this conversation, Jerry talks about life, influences, the art of the song, honing his craft, and what it takes to keep the lights on.

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“Johnny B Goode” - Chuck Berry (Hail! Hail! Rock “n” Roll Documentary, 1987)

“Cold Cold Heart” - Hank Williams (A-Side, 1951)

“Ragged Rag” - Jerry Leger (The Good Old Days Are Back in Drag, 2011)

“Nobody’s Angel” - Jerry Leger (Early Riser, 2014)

“All Over Again ft. Serena Ryder”  - Jerry Leger and the Situation (Some Folks Know, 2012)

“Too Broke to Die” - Jerry Leger and the Situation (Farewell Ghost Town, 2006)

“Things Are Changin’ Round Here” - Jerry Leger (Nonsense and Heartache, 2017)

“Still Patience” - Jerry Leger (Nothing Pressing, 2022)

“That Ain’t Here” - Jerry Leger (Time Out for Tomorrow, 2019)

“Have You Ever Been Happy” - Jerry Leger (Nothing Pressing, 2022)

“Corner Light” - Jerry Leger (Live From Paradise, 2023)

“Blue Boy” - Ron Sexsmith (Blue Boy, 2001)

“Brigitte Bardot” - The Del Fi’s (Crowd Pleaser, 2015)

THE MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Nothing Pressing", by Jerry Leger
Performed by Jerry Leger, Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely
Recorded and mixed by Tim Vesely
(listen at 1:25)

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Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

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