Music Buddy

Steve Wright - If You Build It, They Will Hum

May 19, 2022 Steve Wright Season 1 Episode 2
Music Buddy
Steve Wright - If You Build It, They Will Hum
Show Notes

Steve Wright is a singer, songwriter, rocker, composer, sound enthusiast, and teacher.  He created the Sound Space, an all-ages music-making and learning hub, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

In this episode, Steve talks about creating music with seniors, learning from teens, and rocking out every day.

MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Write To Me", by Steve Wright
Performed by Steve Wright, Jane Gowan, and Tim Vesely
Mixed by Steve Wright and Tim Vesely

Download or stream "Write to Me" on the platform of your choice

More about Steve Wright:
The Sound Space
Steve Weave website

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