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Monique Barry - Sing or Swim

February 01, 2023 Monique Barry Season 1 Episode 23
Music Buddy
Monique Barry - Sing or Swim
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Monique Barry is a classically-trained singer, songwriter, composer, and music educator. Her music is unique, ethereal, dreamlike, and emotional, and ranges from techno pop to ambient folk. Monique's latest album—HAAK—is being released one single at a time - a slow drip of elegant melodies and intricate beats. The latest single—"Time"—is a spellbinding exploration of what Tennessee Williams called "the longest distance between two places".
Monique possesses a truly independent spirit, dedicating her passion and skills to every aspect of music-making: from nurturing an initial song idea and creating a demo, to arranging, producing, packaging and promoting a full album. In this conversation, she and Jane discuss the intricacies, joys, and challenges of life in the indie lane: gigs, bands, travel, funding, reviews, airplay, and the inevitable...TikTok. Plus, Monique talks about her most recent adventure - cold water swimming. 
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"High as a Kite" - Monique Barry, HAAK (2017)

"Stranger Strange" - Augie March, Moo Yoo Bloody Choir (2006)

"Dance" - Monique Barry, HAAK, (2018)

"Gone/Eagles" -  Monique Barry, HAAK, (2019) 

"Time" - Monique Barry, HAAK, (2022) 

"Freedom" - Monique Barry, HAAK, (2016) 

"New Eyes" - Monique Barry, HAAK, (2018)

"Real Life (Angel)" - Elbow, The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)

Written by Monique Barry
Performed by Monique Barry, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan (listen at 57:41).


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Jane Gowan (host, producer, editor)
Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

The show's theme song, "Human Stuff," is written by Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely, and performed by Jane and Tim, with additional vocals by Steve Wright and Connie Kostiuk

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