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Laurie Brown - The Ponderer

January 04, 2023 Laurie Brown Season 1 Episode 21
Music Buddy
Laurie Brown - The Ponderer
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Laurie Brown is a much-admired Canadian music journalist, writer, TV & radio host, and podcaster. Her remarkable career began in the 1980s at City TV's The New Music, and continued to thrive at Much Music (Pepsi Power Hour), CBC Television (The Journal, The National, and Newsworld's On The Arts), and CBC Radio (The Signal).  She is now the creator, writer, producer and host of two independent podcasts: Pondercast  and Ground Level.

In this conversation, Laurie talks about seeking creative satisfaction, being a true artist, and what makes a great interview. She reveals how she encouraged a reluctant Miles Davis to talk about music, and how she made David Byrne LoL. She recalls lovingly her Grandparents' radio show, her Dad's piano talents, and how her family bestowed her with the gift of curiosity.  Laurie also shares her memory of a very special evening at the kitchen table with Gord Downie and Gordon Lightfoot. 
Words by by Laurie Brown; Music by Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely

A special creation for the first episode of 2023.  Performed by Laurie Brown, Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely (Listen at 1:04:05).

Music samples used throughout the body of the interview are from the 2022 album Synthetic: Season 1, by Rich Aucoin. Used with kind permission of the artist.
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