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Julian Taylor - Beyond the Reservoir

December 07, 2022 Julian Taylor Season 1 Episode 19
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Julian Taylor - Beyond the Reservoir
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Julian Taylor is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter with a truly independent success story. He has been honing his special blend of timeless roots rock since the 1990s, steadily growing followers while weaving his way into the fabric of Canada's indie music culture and sound. His 2020 album The Ridge earned him 2 Juno Award nominations (Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year and Contemporary Roots Album of the Year), a Canadian Folk Music Award, five Native American Music Award nominations, and a Polaris Music Prize nomination. 

In this interview, Julian talks about embracing uncomfortable subjects on his compelling new album Beyond the Reservoir, and why that made him nervous. He shares gritty stories from his adolescence and sweet memories of cherished elders, while emphasizing the importance of family, nature, and speaking truth about history. Julian also tells Jane about working with producer and friend Saam Hashemi, his friendship with the late Jay Bennett (previously of Wilco), and his eclectic collection of 45s. 

All the song segments you hear during the interview are from Beyond the Reservoir.

Written by Julian Taylor
Performed by Julian Taylor, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan. Listen at 57:37

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