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Stephen Stanley - A Troubadour's Song

July 22, 2022 Stephen Stanley Season 1 Episode 9
Music Buddy
Stephen Stanley - A Troubadour's Song
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Stephen Stanley is a veteran of the Canadian indie rock scene, a stellar singer-songwriter, a prolific storyteller, gifted guitarist, and a radio DJ,. He was a founding member of the alternative rock band Lowest of the Low, with whom he toured extensively for many years, and also released 4 albums, including 1991’s much-loved, Shakespeare My Butt .  He now records and performs as The Stephen Stanley Band, and is in the midst of recording a new album.

In this episode, Stephen talks about recording his upcoming album on Wolfe Island, playing countless shows to an online crowd during the pandemic, constructing his one-hour radio show, what Bob Dylan means to him, and how songs can be interpreted many ways. 

MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Waiting on a Claim"  (world premiere!)
Written by Stephen Stanley
Performed by Stephen Stanley, Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely
Listen at 40:08

For more info on Stephen, visit
Check out Stephen's radio show, Northern Wish, on Hunter's Bay Radio

Music samples in this episode:

  • "40 Endings" (The Stephen Stanley Band feat. David Corley)
  • "Things I Wish I'd Never Seen" (The Stephen Stanley Band)
  • "Frankie's Gun" (The Felice Brothers)
  • "London" (Benjamin Clementine)
  • "The Troubador Song" (Stephen Stanley) - Live at The Tranzac Club with the Heavy Lyfters.  Feb 16, 2020
  • "Under the Mynah Bird" (The Stephen Stanley Band)
  • "Next to Me", live at Static Roots Festival, 2018 (The Stephen Stanley Band) 

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Jane Gowan (host, producer, editor)
Tim Vesely (co-producer/co-host)

The show's theme song, "Human Stuff," is written by Jane Gowan and Tim Vesely, and performed by Jane and Tim, with additional vocals by Steve Wright and Connie Kostiuk

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"Waiting on a Claim" (Song)