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Andrew Cash - Punk to Politics

June 17, 2022 Jane Gowan Season 1 Episode 6
Music Buddy
Andrew Cash - Punk to Politics
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Andrew Cash is a musician, singer-songwriter, journalist, politician, and lifelong social justice advocate.
In this episode, Andrew talks about growing up Catholic in Scarborough, starting a band in the 80s, playing at the infamous Edge Club, singing with his brother Pete Cash, befriending Andy Maize of the Skydiggers, living in Kensington Market, running for office, serving as NDP MP for the riding of Davenport, and how the music business is confusing, even to those in the music business.

MUSIC BUDDY SESSION: "Alone", by Andrew Cash
Performed by Andrew Cash, Tim Vesely, and Jane Gowan
(Song begins at 1:09).

Musical samples included in the episode are from songs by:
Elvis Costello
The Jam
Andrew Cash
Cash Brothers
Cash Brothers/Skydiggers

More about Andrew:
Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

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Song - "Alone" by Andrew Cash